Do Unto Others
As You Would Want Done To You
Be Mindful

Stop The 200,000 Yearly
Species Extinctions
The Web Of Life Is Our Foundation

Renewable Energy
99% + By 2030
Wind - Solar - Hydrogen - Fuel Cell - Geothermal
Ocean Thermal Conversion - Solar Sterling Engine Gensets

Level Off @ 8 Billion By 2030
Down To 2 Billion By 2300

End The 35 Million Deaths Yearly
To Infants And Children
From Starvation Diseases

End Poverty On Earth
End Childhood And All Slave Labor Conditions
With An Equitable Distribution Of Earth's Sustainable Resources

Education Early And Lovingly
With A 99% + Literacy On Earth By 2030

Women's Equality
With Natural Contraceptives Taught To All Children

Stop Deforestation
Reforest With The Best Trees For Local Biodiversity

Limit Worldwide Fish Catch
By 3.3 Million Less Tons Per Year - 0% Caught In 2030

Health And Nutrition
Happily Eat An Organic Vegetarian Locally Grown Diet

End The Slaughter
To The Tens Of Billions Of Animals Yearly For Our Food

Solar Aquatics
Natural Waste Water Filtration System
To Filtrated 99% + Of Water By 2030

And Then Finally We
99% + Of Everything By 2030

Dismantle All Nuclear Weapons And Reactors At Once
Store The Waste Onsite Till Our Technology Advances
And We Are Better Able To Deal With The Deadly Poison

Research Scientists - Stop Working On The Weapons Of War
Start Working On The Solutions For Survival Of
The Web Of Life And A Sustainablity For Homo Sapiens

End Corporations And New World Order Agreements Such As
Start Small Locally Based Earth Sustainable Co-operations

Stop All Ozone Depleting Products Instantly
Repair The Damage Already Done

Reduce Air Pollution
99% By 2030

Reduce Water Pollution
99% By 2030
Find Resourceful New Uses For Our Fresh Water Scarcity
Implement Desalination Technologies Such As Solar Distilling

Reduce Soil Pollution And Erosion
Stop All Chemical Farming
Farming Should Be Locally Grown And Organic

Stop Most Of The 77,000 Man Made Compounds
Till All Of The Interacting Safety Measures Are Fully Known

Stop All Manufacture Immediately
It Stops The Reproduction Of Life

Fully Fund The Genome Project
Stop The Implementation Of Genetic Engineering
Till All Of The Long Term Effects Are Fully Known

War Is No More
Peaceful Cooperation
With Sustainable Sharing For All On Earth

Religion And Spirituality
All Peaceful Forms Freely Let Practice
Free Tibet

Science And Medicine
Respecting All Life
And Our Earth's Sustainable Limits

Meditation Exercise And Deep Breathing
Practiced Daily For Optimal Health And Well Being

Enjoy Nature
Immediatley Set Aside Huge Reserved Forever Wilderness Areas
For Our Future Generations

Create New Anti-Viruses And Germ Defenses
For All The Future Coming Plagues Resulting From Homo Sapiens
Wreckless Disregard For All Life Ecosystems On Earth

Worldwide Species Genetic Banks
Created Immediately And Fully Fund All Research
Pertaining To Saving All Life On Earth That Is At Risk Of Going Extinct

Space Exploration
Non Nuclear And Unmanned
With Full Disclosure Of All Findings To The Public
Increase Funding To Asteroid Protection And SETI Projects

The Arts
Given Greater Support Globally
So We Can Be Surrounded In Beauty
And Resonate Beauty

Water Birthing
In Water At 98.2 Degrees Farenheit
With Dim Lighting / Soft Mozart
Midwives / Husband And Family Present
For Every Mother And Beautiful New One / 8 To 24 Hour Transition


Acknowledge All The Good
You See In Others
Be Aware



LOVEARTH was formed 9 years ago with the intent to bring awareness to the devastation which humanity is inflicting on our beautiful planet. The nearly 6 billion people living on Earth are already way beyond its carrying capacity. We are now blatantly causing more than 500 species extinctions each and every day, as well as countless other atrocities to all life sustaining ecosystems.

We are but a strand in the fabric of life, all intricately interdependent on one another. And yet here we are, in the mere geological blink of an eye, eroding the very foundation of our own existence by these mass species extinctions. This 6th great extinction period on Earth that we are insanely causing by the suicidal annihilation of the Web of Life, will very soon bring about our own extinction.

In 1992 a majority of the living Nobel Laureates in the Sciences agreed and signed the document World Scientist' Warning To Humanity that said, if we Homo Sapiens do not change from our destructive ways by 180 degrees right away, we will reach the Omega Point within 2 to 3 decades. The Nobel Laureates are perhaps the most intellectually aware yet grounded group of people we have on Earth and they are saying we are going to become extinct if we don't change our ways completely and change them right now.

The Omega Point is the point in time, when all of the devastation we have inflicted over the years to our life support systems finally becomes too much and they irreversibly fail, no longer able to sustain Homo Sapiens. What this translates into for our future generations is an ever increasingly nightmarish slippery slope to extinction.

We believe that as early as 1991, because of the cumulative shortsighted destruction egregiously caused by Homo Sapiens to all life ecosystems, humanity entered a gray zone where the Omega Point may be crossed for our species at any time. We can tell you with all assurance we will pass the Omega Point somewhere very close to the year 2014. This is based upon the alarming findings from our groundbreaking indepth study, Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction ( RBSOD ).

In RBSOD we show that in the year 2014 we go below the 10% / 50% Safeguard Threshold Providence ( STP ). This occurs when 10% of Virgin Rainforest Area
( VRA ) with 50% of Rainforest Species ( RS ) are all that remain from what originally had been. The beautiful providence that nature safeguards, is the diversity of life itself. If we fell, level, slash and burn 90% of the VRA, only 50% of RS will go extinct. Somehow in the last 10% of VRA nature magically holds on to 50% of RS. Lucky for us, if we realize in time.

We use the beauty of this built in natural threshold, as the barometer to tell us when the Omega Point for Homo Sapiens will occur. If we ever go below this 10% / 50% STP, we will become extinct. As of August 9, 1998, all that remains of the VRA is 24.96% with 58.31% of RS. The amount of VRA that is being destroyed by humanity this year alone is equal to the land area of all the following States put together: Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maryland and South Carolina. Every 2 Minutes and 41 Seconds another RS goes extinct. The Rainforests were originally home to 61.8% of all the species on Earth. That was 10,000 years ago, before our population started growing exponentially with the advent of the revolutionizing new food energy technology, called agriculture.

This bleak situation of breaking the 10% / 50% STP in 2014 gets even worse when you take into account the enormous momentum of our exterminating machine. It will take somewhere from 3 to 6 years just to put the brakes on to stop it. This means that as early as the year 2008, less than 1 decade from now, if we have not given up our primitive slaughtering predator ways, well...

There is yet another factor that hastens this outcome by approximately 1 more year, and that is, there is a difference between a VRA that has never been touched by man and one that was leveled a 1000 years ago. If we were to take a walk from a VRA to a Rainforest leveled 1000 years ago and left alone for the intervening years, we would not recognize the difference between them. They look very much the same to the untrained eye.

Except, and this is one big exception, we now have learned in the Rainforest leveled 1000 years ago, only about 17% of the original inhabiting Species are found today. This means 83% of the original Biodiversity has still not returned. Nature takes her own time to heal and fully restore. It can take as short as one to two Million years, providing there is a favorable geological environment, for nature to rebalance and achieve full self organization restoration.

Therefore when we reach the point where only 10% VRA remains, somewhere between 5% and 10% of these remaining Rainforests will not be Virgin. They will have been touched by man at sometime in the past, and will have many, many fewer species. For the 10% / 50% STP to hold true, the Rainforest Area must be 100% Virgin. So we will actually reach 50% RS remaining when there is about 11% of VRA left. This is why the projected 10% / 50% STP in 2014 will lose another year, then minus the 3 to 6 years to put the brakes on and we are now looking at the years 2007 to 2010.

This leaves us as little as only 8 years to become aware and realize, before it's too late. Nothing is more important then the issue of these extinctions. We are losing the full richness of nature's beauty, each time we lose a species we lose their invaluable genetic code, their form-field in life space has vanished forever. The fabric of life is losing too many strands and is beginning to unravel. We must change our ways immediately and become sustainable to leave our future generations a beautiful Earth for them to flourish upon.

We can only stop this endgame by creating a Unity of 1% of people who truly realize 100% that we are about to go extinct. When this 1% understand and believe, they become like a tuning fork that resonates at a frequency that affects and brings this awareness to the other 99%. This critical mass spontaneous combustion of awareness goes by quite a few different names. You may know it as Universal Consciousness, The 100th Monkey or the brilliant new science called Morphic Resonance. What ever you want to call it, the phenomenon works, but we need to reach the masses to get through to the 1% with this knowledge and information. And we need to reach them very, very quickly.

The intent of Project Internet is to lovingly create this Unity of 1% through our network of 2000 registered domain names. These domains are in the areas most important to help humanity become aware of the magnitude of the destruction that we are doing to life sustaining ecosystems. These domains are also in areas that will awaken humanity to all of the wonderfully brilliant ideas and solutions that are still possible to save our species Dance on the Stage of Life.

Project Internet's 2000 domains are in the following areas: The environment, education, renewable energies, overpopulation, science, politics, technology, computers, history, alternative medicine, religion, humor, children, social issues, health and nutrition, meditation, fitness, the arts, love, peace, holistic, organic, music and many more categories. We feel it is essential to obtain as many choice domains as possible, because they are being taken at the rate of about 6,000 per day.

We know that to disseminate this urgent environmental message the most efficient way is the Internet. This is the perfect medium and we believe the only medium left to effectively create the awareness and reach the greatest number of people, in the shortest amount of time. It is the last avenue for free speech that the corporations don't yet control.

We are aware that the television, computer and phone will merge into a single communication center within just 3 to 5 years. We also realize, and this is so very important, that every website will be just like a television channel because of new technologies such as full motion video, ever increasing bandwidth and the constant improvements in compression of software. Computers with cable modems are now capable of getting moving images off the Internet and within 5 years a website will be the same as a television channel.

The Project Internet network of 2000 domains plans to take full advantage of this. We will be offering creative and well documented quality ideas and information with a wide ranging scope. This information will first go up as text and pictures and then on real audio on all 2000 websites. We then want to have, as soon as possible, the best worldwide ideas, documentaries, exposes and lectures on video and available on demand, meaning any time you want to see it, on all of these 2000 websites.

One of the immediate goals of Lovearth is to make a film of every living Nobel Laureate that signed the 1992 document, answering the question "When do you believe that the Omega Point will occur and why?" A brief 2 minute answer from each would make a documentary film that would help create the awareness that is so desperately needed. Also, a more in depth answer of up to an hour would be put online throughout the LOVEARTH Project Internet Network. The websites will feature a photo and biography on each Nobel Laureate with the option of reading, listening and soon watching their answer to the most important issue facing humanity.

There is nothing more important for you to realize in your lifetime. We are about to go extinct as a species. What else matters... and how dare we be so selfish and ruin it all for our future generations. This is why Project Internet needs your support today. Only by working together can we put up the Project Internet network of all 2000 websites and create the awareness to form the Unity of 1%. Contribute what you think is just, to create this loving sustainable Earth, for our children, grandchildren and all of the future generations that are to follow.

Our promise to you and the future generations is that we will find the best and the brightest ideas and solutions amongst our teachers, scientists, environmentalists, researchers, investigative journalists, writers, webmasters, film and video makers, religious and spiritual leaders, photographers, artists, poets, and children from around our Earth. We will publish their ideas in text, pictures, audio and then video.

Nothing will stop us, for nothing is more important to do. Project Internet will lovingly create the awareness for sustainability in the 1% so the truth may resonate out to the other 99%. Only then will the next generations have the same chance we had to flourish on Earth. Only then will these next generations have the chance to pass on a sustainable Earth to their future generations, so they in turn may flourish forever in harmony.

Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction

Search LOVEARTH's 2000 Domains


We will leave you with 2 quotes and 4 poems that we've always cared for.

The first quote is from:

An honest humane visionary,
who was the former
2 time Governor of California,
3 time Presidential candidate,
and presently the
Mayor elect of Oakland California,
Jerry Brown.

"We must always remember
that we are but a small point
on a long line of time
God has allowed us to extend.
Small as it may be, it is ours...
Ours to fill with purpose and meaning,
ours to make honorable and distinguished...
And ours to defend in the court of history"

The second quote is from:

The great American anthropologist,
widely know for her studies of primitive societies
and her contributions to social anthropology.
In 1926 she became assistant curator of ethnology
at the American Museumof Natural History in New York City,
and she subsequently served as associate curator
from 1942-1964 and as curator from 1964-1969.
Margaret Mead  1901-1978.

    "If man has not found ways
to deal with environmental problems
such as water and air pollution by 1998,
it will be too late.
The future is not determined
and it lies in our own hands"



Singing and singing

For a mate

But there are no mates

To be found

The last of his kind

But he keeps on singing

I wonder if he knows

    How beautiful he sings

The last song

May 1, 1996



500 species per day

Are leaving the Web of Life

Man's extinction is on the way

Cutting our own throats with a knife

Like Paul Ehrlich says

The rivets are popping

We're like a plane in the air

And each time a species goes extinct

Another rivet pops from the metal

One by one they pop till

The plane falls apart and crashes

February 20, 1996



Wasting our time with distracting

Trivial matters

While our Earth is being decimated

In our lifetime

In front of our eyes

When there is nothing more important

For humanity to do

Then to face this atrocity

And deal with it with all our energies

But no not us

We'd rather be

Wasting our time with distracting

Trivial matters

June 8, 1996



It's make or break

One more time

Will we cover ourselves

In our prime

Or learn to live

As meant to be

Back with nature

Forever in harmony

Which we choose

Is up to us

Either we fuse

Or forever rust

But now's the time

To make the choice

And only together we'll find

They'll hear our voice

To make the changes

That have to be

For us to live

Forever in harmony

February 2, 1981


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President: Mark Elsis



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