A Summary Of


Postponing The Launch Of Cassini
With Its 72.3 Pounds Of Deadly Plutonium For
The Inherent Safety Of A Solar Fuel Cell Redesign
End The Militarization And Nuclearization of Space

With A Summary Of What Actions You Can Do

October 13, 1997    T- 2 Days

Dear Citizens Of Earth

  At 4:43 AM EDT on Wednesday, October 15, 1997, from launch complex # 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Station, a spacecraft called Cassini is scheduled to liftoff. On board Cassini will be 72.3 pounds of the deadliest substance known, Plutonium (Pu). This is by far the most Pu ever attempted to be launched in a space mission. Inhaling less than 27 millionths of a gram of Pu will give you lung cancer and also causes long term genetic damage. NASA's own odds now state there is a 1 in 345 probability for a release of Pu on this mission. NASA's original estimate for a Pu release were 1 in 1500, then it was 1 in 900, then it was 1 in 500, now it is 1 in 345, tomorrow who knows? Maybe 1 in 7.44 or 13.44%?

  Remember what the late Noble prize winning physicist Dr. Richard P. Feynman, a member of the Presidential Commission that investigated the 1/28/86 Challenger disaster said: "the NASA managers exaggerated the reliability of the Shuttle to the point of fantasy. I saw considerable flaws in their logic. I found that they were making up numbers not based on experience. NASA's engineering judgment was not the judgment of its engineers."

  There are 2.3 million people in the 6 county region surrounding
Cape Canaveral . If there is a failure on liftoff like the Challenger did at
T+ 73 seconds and the Pu is released, the prevailing winds in October are blowing right back over all these people. Cassini has a launch window of 41 days, from October 6 to November 15, with the earliest time for launching being best for a successful NASA mission. But only 19% of the time, or 8 days,  the winds blows away from land, out into the Atlantic. Out of these 8 days, apporximately half, or 4 days, which is only 10% of the time, the winds will be blowing with both the best direction and speed. If Cassini does liftoff, will NASA wait for this best 10% of the time, with the wind blowing away from all these humans, before trying to launch? No they won't wait, for the last 2 nuclear missions the Galileo and Ulysses the winds at launch were blowing right back towards humanity... This is a criminal act against humanity in the purest sense. 

    If they don't wait, the worst case contamination clean up costs for this region run at 4.1 trillion dollars, all of the 2.3 million affected people would have to be moved. This region would be useless for 12,000 generations, 240,000 years. (Pu 239 half life = 24,110 years, 12.86% or 9.3 pounds of the Pu on Cassini will be Pu 239)

   I'm sure you don't want this worst case or for that matter any release of Pu to happen. A 1 in 345 gamble with the deadliest substance known is way too much, especially when NASA now has 9 more nuclear missions scheduled over the next 6 years. Sooner or later there will be a horrendous catastrophe. This catastrophe can not only happen over Florida, but at any time Cassini is within the orbit of Earth. The 3.4 billion dollar, unmanned Cassini probe, is going to explore Saturn which is 794 million miles from Earth but the on board rockets don't have the thrust so a maneuver called the gravity assist swingby (GAS) must be used. This maneuver is accomplished by flying very close to a planet and using that planets gravitational field to transfer some of its energy to the spacecraft, which then enables the spacecraft to increase its velocity tremendously.

  This GAS maneuver will be used 4 times, on August 16, 1999 Cassini will swingby the Earth at an altitude of only 310 miles (NASA now has moved the altitute of the GAS of Earth to 496.8 miles high, which leaves 35.56 seconds before entering our atmosphere - This is a little safer - Is NASA beginning to listen?) , and traveling at 711.666 miles per minute (this leaves as a little as 19.81 seconds for a trajectory window before a fiery inadvertent reentry). If something goes wrong, and Cassini, with no heat shield, inadvertently reenters our atmosphere the extreme 3000 degree F plus temperatures will vaporize Cassini and part, most, or all of the 72.3 lbs. of Pu will be released. This will cause anywhere from tens of thousands to tens of millions of premature deaths, mostly from cancers, over just the next 50 years.

  This is pure absolute insanity, this is mad, this doesn't ever have to be, there is a much saner way. Please help to postpone Cassini so it can be redesigned using the safe renewable alternative, a solar fuel cell design to generate the modest 745 watts of electricity needed, instead of gambling with the devils potentially deadly Pu. Also, please help to stop the 21 billion dollars that is to be spent over the next 5 years on the Star Wars program. Stop space from becoming the ultimate high ground.

       Only by working together will we postpone the launch of the Cassini Mission for the inherent safety of a solar fuel cell redesign.


What You Can Do To Stop
The October 15th, 1997 Cassini Launch
Together We Can Create Morphic Resonance


Have Three Hand Delivered Verifiable Letters Sent In Your Name Urging Each Of The Following To Stop Cassini With Its 72.3 Pounds Of Plutonium And Stop The Militarization And Nuclearization Of Space
President William Jefferson Clinton
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
Vice President Albert A. Gore Jr.

2) Call/Fax President Clinton At The White House
Phone: 202 456-1414 And 202 456-1111  
Fax: 202 456-2461 And 202 456-2883
The White House Switchboard Is Open 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week

3) Call/ Fax John Gibbons  Chief Of The White House Office Of Science And Technology Policy - On Friday October 3rd He Advised Clinton To Launch Cassini
Phone: 202 456-7116  Fax: 202 456-6021

4) Call The Senate and Congress Toll Free at 1 888 723-5246

5) Call Into Local And National Talk Radio And TV Shows
Mention The 72.3 lbs. Of Deadly Plutonium On The Cassini Mission
And That There Is A Safe Alternative  A Solar Fuel Cell Redesign
The Stop Cassini Web Site www.lovearth.org  Or Phone : 718 426-5361
The White House Rally And Candlelight Vigil  Sunday 10/12  2 - 9 PM
The Western Union 3 Letters Campaign 1 888 NO CASSINI  

6) Order The Award Winning Video NUKES IN SPACE By Calling
1 800 ECO TV46 Or By Calling LOVEARTH At 718 426-5361
This Is A Very Important Tool To Be Shown To Friends, Loved Ones, Church Groups And To Get Played On As Many Public Access Stations Possible
Order Karl Grossman's Wonderful New Book THE WRONG STUFF
All About Cassini And The Nuclearization And Weaponization Of Space
Call LOVEARTH At 718 426-5361

7) Print Posters Of Any Rally And Western Union Letters
1 888 NO CASSINI  Off Web Site (Rally Posters) Have Them Displayed In Every Front Window Where You Spend Money And All Other Places That Are Willing To Put Them Up.

8) Visiting The Stop Cassini Web Site www.lovearth.org
For All Up To The Minute Information  On How To Stop Cassini 
Please Help Us By Volunteering Just A Little Of Your Time  Call Today

9) Write To The 27 Celebs To Get Them To Help Us Stop Cassini
Go To The Web Page 27 Celebs To Write To For Names And Addresses

    LOVEARTH                   BE YOUR BEST            RESONATE LOVE
www.lovearth.org             Phone 718 426-5361            Fax 718 426-5302

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