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All Rights Reserved
Copyright 1997 by Mark Elsis



Saviour Of Humanity


What a beautiful life given us

A paradise for humans to run

Live forever or turn to dust

Whatever happens it's what we've done

And now that we have reached

The time to choose our destiny

Global unity I do preach

Love the saviour of humanity



The Rivets Are Popping


500 plus species per day

Are leaving the web of life

Man's extinction is on the way

Cutting our own throats with a knife

Like Paul Ehrlich says

The rivets are popping

We're like a plane in the air

And each time a species goes extinct

Another rivet pops from the metal

One by one they pop till

The plane falls apart and crashes





Beauty is vanishing

At an alarming rate

Man is in a hurry

He just can't wait

The Sea Empress

Let go of her oil there mate

In a marine sanctuary

Now isn't that great

Double hulled tankers

Once more too late

Now the coast of Wales

Is in a slippery state

What we want we get

That is our fate

Beauty is vanishing

At an alarming rate



It's Over


It's over

It's all over

The camels back

Has broke

Reckless man

Foolish man

Irreversible damage

I found all around

On this day to me

It finally spoke





Please understand

That we must stop

Our destroying ways

Or we will go extinct

Please understand

Let go of and drop

These are our last days

To transform too awareness

Or we will go extinct

Please understand




The Last Song


Singing and singing

For a mate

But there are no mates

To be found

The last of his kind

But he keeps on singing

I wonder if he knows

How beautiful he sings

The last song



Trivial Matters


Wasting our time with distracting

Trivial matters

While our Earth is being decimated

In our lifetime

In front of our eyes

When there is nothing more important

For humanity to do

Then to face this atrocity

And deal with it with all our energies

But no not us

We'd rather be

Wasting our time with distracting

Trivial matters



Homo Sapiens


The massive


Of all life

On Earth

The iceberg

Is now ripping

The unsinkable


Homo Sapiens



Pissing In The Wind


Propaganda Goebbels

Would have been astonished of

So neat and packaged now

It fits just like an old glove

The disorganized majority

Always pissing in the wind

Fragmantated filled with hatred

Only to themselves they've sinned



For All Life Is Interdependent


First the church

Then the government

Now the corporation

Next the cooperation

Of every human on Earth

For all life is interdependent



Unforeseen Consequences


We are way out of control

With the 70,000 plus chemicals in use

Our children's future we stole

The legacy we leave is nothing but abuse

Of ourselves and our beautiful planet Earth

We do not know the unforeseen consequences

Of the interaction all these chemicals together

We do not know how they will affect our senses

But I can tell you now it won't be for the better





Keep watching those screens

Filling you up with useless information

There are no need for your dreams

We just want a homogenous civilization

Distractions everywhere you turn

So you're caught up in the game

Distractions maybe someday you'll learn

Are only here to keep us all the same





Blinded by greed

Blinded by ambition

Too deaf to heed

A slave to submission

Materialism fills your days

Return on investment rules

Corporations have their ways

Indoctrination of the fools



Don't Worry


Don't worry about overpopulation

Don't worry about all the pollution

Don't worry about deforestation

Don't worry about a sustainable solution

Don't worry about global warming

Don't worry about the ozone hole

Don't worry about new viruses forming

Don't worry about the kids future we stole

Don't worry about nuclear weapons or power

Don't worry about pesticides in your food

Don't worry about 4000 kids starving to death each hour

Don't worry about the TV being stupid and crude

Don't worry about all fish stocks declining

Don't worry about corrosive life killing acid rain

Don't worry about the massive strip mining

Don't worry about billions of slaughtered animals pain

Don't worry about the 266 billion for defense

Don't worry about total corporate power

Don't worry about the loss of common sense

Don't worry about chlorine in your shower

Don't worry about grain yields diminishing

Don't worry about cancer rates rising

Don't worry about another species finishing

Don't worry about your company downsizing

Don't worry about recycling your trash

Don't worry about genetic engineering

Don't worry about it ending in a flash

Don't worry about anything you're fearing

Because our complete devastation of all life

Is now irreversible



Once Filled With Hope


I try to find hope

But there is none to be found

It is getting harder to cope

With the devastation all around

I try to find hope

But I'm disappointed every time

I'm at the end of my rope

Waiting for humanity to pay for its crime

I try to find hope

But it is irreversibly too late

I was once filled with hope

But now I know that which is to be our fate



The Weight Of The World


I want to see the majesty

I want to sense the wonder

I want to advert the tragedy

I want to stop the blunder

The weight of the world

The time running out

The hate constantly unfurled

The crime of silence all about



The Pervasive Charade


Keep it up

Prop it up

Never let it fall

The pervasive charade

Is now spoken

By all



A Dead Canary In A Coal Mine


Like the lemmings

Marching to the sea

I see all of humanity

Racing to the end

A dead canary

In a coal mine that's me

Warning us now

The Earth needs to mend



To Bare Witness


Take a stand

Show your voice

Together we band

For we have no choice

But to bare witness

To our own desolation





Cheated deceived swindled

We've all been hoodwinked

A long long time ago

The democrats and republicans

Devilishly sold their souls

To the corporate interests

Now we can look forward to

Destruction devastation annihilation

Brought to us so sweetly

In a candy coated wrapper



The Masters Biddings


Corruption pervasively

Imbedded throughout the land

The masters biddings

Woven into the fabric of our lives

Eradication perversely

Unending on a scale so grand

The billion starving babies

During my life's dying cries

Apathy prevailing

The conditioned sheep are all around

The masters biddings

Are now done without a thought or sound



A Unity Of One Percent


A unity of one percent

Who revere all life on Earth as dear

Must begin to form today

If there's any wish for survival here

A unity of one percent

Resonates when thinking as one

Causing a critical mass

Where sustainability will become

Upon all future generations



Consume Less


Running from here to there

And then back again and again

For this that and all the other

Silly useless and wasteful things

We no longer are looking to share

Like we did way back when

Almost everyone helped one another

Lost is the happiness this brings

Open yourself try voluntary simplicity

Learning to consume less is so freeing

Show the corporations no complicity

Slow down enough to just enjoy being



If You Believed


If you believed such as I

What would you do

With all your heart would you try

Never stop till the one percent knew

If you believed such as I

What would you do

Just wait for humanity to die

Given up because it can't be true

If you believed such as I

What would you do



Keeping The Status Quo Alive


Keeping the status quo alive

In the face of certain annihilation

A masterful job where PR firms strive

And a dumbing down of education

Keeping the status quo alive

In the face of certain annihilation

The place media conglomerates strive

And all Hollywood produces obfuscation

Keeping the status quo alive

In the face of certain annihilation

The part for politicians so desperately strive

A government act of incautious deliberation



Tinkering With Divine Creation


Playing with deadly radiation

Like a bunch of babbling babies

Tinkering with divine creation

Never caring about all the maybes

Trying to genetically engineer life

While your own species goes extinct

Lying to hide all inequitable strife

When to Earth you are forever linked



The Oligarchy


Desperate ubiquitous inequalities

Executed by the privileged few

Horrendous nightmarish actualities

Brought to billions of a darker hue

The oligarchy are indubitably maleficent

Running the Earth 24 / 7 with never a rest

Her straining systems now going inefficient

As any future generation so sadly will attest



A New Ethic Of Caring


A new ethic of caring

For all life on Earth is needed

A humane way of sharing

Where reverence for all life is treated

A new ethic of caring

Must now form quickly from you and me

For the web of life is tearing

Apart much faster then anyone is willing to see

A new ethic of caring

Or our species will be taken care of

From bad to worse will go our faring

Till in the end there was no more love



Our Rightful Place


Amongst the abundance

For which nature provides

Our rightful place

Is when harmony arrives

With all life on Earth





Complexity far beyond our imagination

Yet we arrogantly go about our merry way

Diversity being felled in one generation

Never again to see the light of a bright new day

The intricacy of all living beings on one another

We know so little about and don't seem to care

Variety being extinguished to put out and smother

For future generations there will be nothing to share





Each and every day I have dreams

Of a better world for all

Each and every way though it seems

On deaf ears my words fall

Quite troubling this is for me

When there is nothing more imperative

My job here is for as many to see

That now is the time we can't be sedative



Our Responsibilities


Dereliction of our earthly stewardship

In almost every way that is conceivable

Our responsibilities long ago we let slip

The utter stupidity of man is unbelievable

Build your weapons and let millions starve

Have your religion and plunder the resources

Take every rainforest to cut up and carve

Follow the leaders blindly until your losses

Are no more



Love Must Spread The Word


You who do not see

You who do not care

You who say it can not be

You who deny it and swear

You must be awakened today

By those of you who know the truth

By all of you who have seen the light

It is you who with love must spread the word

It is you who must show others what's right



Precarious Equilibrium


Humanity is walking the highwire

Insanity is pushing the envelope

Precarious equillibrium is so dire

In a world that is going for broke



The Obedient Masses


They do just what they're told

They are the obedient masses

It doesn't matter what's being sold

Just stay in your station caste classes

And now as the world is going to hell

They still have little to no concern

Their souls to the devil they gladly sell

Will the obedient masses ever learn

They have the power within themselves

To change the course of history



The Worst Of All Our Atrocities


To damage nature the way we are

Is the worst of all our atrocities

To ransack her from near and far

Forever diminishes our perpetuation

We have but a small yet significant role

In the elaborate interdependence of all things

Living a sustainable life with congruity the goal

And a love of the diversity that all life brings

Will stop this damage toward nature that we do

With the worst of all our atrocities finally ending

But until that day comes all I can say to you

Is that nature is dying when it needs to be mending



Sweet Intricate Beauty


Good-bye forever to you

Sweet intricate beauty

Good-bye to all we knew

My White Rhino beauty

Good-bye to fine details

In the superstring soup

Good-bye to friend chaos

No butterflies in the loop

Good-bye forever to you

Sweet intricate beauty

Good-bye it can't be true

Humanity has failed its duty



The Window Of Opportunity


The window of opportunity

Is staring us squarely in the face

Begging us to form a unity

Before we fall from natures grace



Smell The Roses


In this hurried up

To make money society

With television constantly

Enslaving you to consume

Try to often stop

And smell the roses quietly

Meditate and exercise daily

To keep one in tune



You Create Your Own Reality


Keep an open mind

Look at every angle

Seek and you shall find

What your heart desires

You create your own reality

Which in turn

Reflects your daily personality

The being that you are

The aura that surrounds





It's dying before me

Will we act in time

Restore the earth or you'll be

Taken away to make it fine



Distorted Views


Misinformation disinformation

Cover ups and lies

It doesn't matter which administration

They're all cut from the same pies

Distorted views

Slanted news

It'll make you numb

What right to choose

You'll only lose

Are the thoughts of some



One Every Second


They're dying of starvation

One every second

They're praying for salvation

From the misery there born in

But we turn our backs

Having our own problems getting by

Avoiding the horrid facts

While the 3rd world babies cry

Till death



The Beings From Afar


The beings from afar

Must look at us and laugh

Just babies in evolution

Crawling down extinction's path



John Lennon


You made me write the words I do

I'll even admit I idolized you

Your assassination ended an era so they say

But your message still lives in me each day

And I'll reach the masses because I feel

That certain destruction is for real

If our ways don't change from what is now

And stop the killing weapons we let allow

Oh the hypocrisy we let go on

The human civilization ends with a con

With shortsighted leaders sedating us all

Technology betrays with apathy we fall



As Confusion Creeps In


Coming down on your self

As confusion creeps in

Forgetting pain ruining health

What is moral what is sin

Each day blurs by

Does anything really matter

Alone sometimes I cry

Wondering will tomorrow be sadder



The Atomic Hump


Five evolution's to get it right

And here we go again

Constantly in conflict and fight

I think it's time to say when

Enough is enough

I'm bored of the game

Drop the act of being tough

Finally realize we're all the same

I call it the atomic hump

The make or break time

Flourish on earth as one

Or pay for the ultimate crime



The Best We Can


Days drift by one by one

Each day closer to having none

Wake up and see where your eyes are blind

Look both ways and then you'll find

We need a way for all mankind

To live together the best we can

No more arms to kill each other

Population curbed for another

Pollution stopped or we'll smother

Hunger fed love your brother



Confined To Conformity


Confined to conformity

Stuck in your ways

Living so uniformly

Trapped in your maze



Feed Them Guns


Feed them guns

While innocent die

Starving mother's sons

Have nothing left to try

Money making weapons

We will supply

When farming technology

Is the pleading cry



Piece Of Debris Number Three


Piece of debris number three

Has been rendered useless

Mismanaged shortsightedly

Plundered expediently



Forever In Harmony


It's make or break

One more time

Will we cover ourselves

In our prime

Or learn to live

As meant to be

Back with nature

Forever in harmony

Which we choose

Is up to us

Either we fuse

Or forever rust

But now's the time

To make the choice

And only together we'll find

They'll hear our voice

To make the changes

That have to be

For us to live

Forever in harmony



A Generation Of Lunacy


I'm given every opportunity

But yet feel so defeated

Born into a generation of lunacy

Where with destruction I'm greeted

I feel a failure

With no future in store

A no win situation

With materialism the whore



From One Another


It's all stealing

From one another

Sell with feeling

Beat your brother

Get rich quick

While humans starve

Your fcking sick

But still you carve

Strip till it's bare

No more tomorrow's

For children to share

There will only be sorrows



The Sin Of Sins


Human reality

Skillfully corrupted

Meager mortality

Nuclear deducted

The sin of sins

The killing weapons

No one wins

Stop the deceptions

Life would cease

In vain again

War over peace

Another lesson when

Too much was learned

And turned to kill

Suicide was confirmed

But they went ahead still



Who's Fooling Who


When you just don't care

And see through the lies

When you know it ain't fair

Yet you don't even criticize

Your just as wrong

Being weak and accepting

Giving into the strong

Who think their decepting

But who's fooling who

And who'll laugh last

When in the end you knew

What you've learned in the past



The Cry Of Helplessness


Come to your senses

It won't hold out

Man's raped nature

There is no doubt

We've grown too fast

Become a burden

Taxed the system

And called it progress

The peak of selfishness

To make life easy

The cry of helplessness



Follow If You Wish


The family unit decays

Our morals slip away

And still the politicians say

Tomorrow will bring a better day

Follow if you wish

But suicides the risk

And ignorance the dish

You feed upon



Without Weapons


In this age of technology

With hunger disease and pollution

You give only your apology

Because you think there's no solution

To the arms race we let go on

To instinct survival

Passive to the deadly harm

To evolve this far

Just to be had by a con

You apathetic humans

With no sense of direction

You follow like sheep

Just tell me why

Cause without weapons

We would flourish

Live without fear

Every human nourished

We could end diseases

And all the suffering

But still you follow like sheep



To Take All That's There


Each new day

So much goes down

A life so busy

Just revolving around

Money and power

Greed and despair

Living each hour

To take all that's there



Insanity Can't Last


See the signs

There all around

Pay the fines to

Mother earth's ground

Birds and animals

Their disappearing

Man is next

Yes I'm fearing

Evolution too fast

Is the reason

Insanity can't last

Taking each season

Till nothing grows

From the ground

Only pollution flows

With radiation found

In you and me



A Vicious Circle


All the vices

All the crutches

All the choices

That pass us by

Escaping them all

To get high

It's a vicious circle

Hard to break

Where nothing matters

When it's all at stake



Follow Aimless Sheep


Apathy will prevail

On this earth I'm sure

Follow aimless sheep

So easy to ignore

The extinction of life

Throwing nature off balance

Will one day catch man

For there's no avoiding



If Only We'd Try


How long does it take

For you to see

How can I make it

So all can be

Free from pain

With no more weapons

No soldiers slain

By monetary deceptions


The sun is ours

If only we'd try

To unite the powers

And stop the deceptions

We let go on

But each election

You fall for the con

In hopes of better

When there all the same

How long does it take

You to get wise to the game

They're out for now

And backed by an interest



Gates Of Heaven


A warm December night

I passed by The Dakota

Sunroof open barely creeping

An hour before the end

I saw a shadow

Lurked in the darkness

I thought security

Because the article

How many times

I've past before

Those iron gates

Can I cry once more

Since I was five

I've heard the words

Now only vinyl

Is left to hear



The Tears Did Shed

For You Billy


Will it get better

Will it get worse

There's rainy weather

With a black hearse

The tears did shed

While not believing

A word you said

So much grieving

Did leave me numb

And memories ago

Kept filtering through

Of a time when no

It can not be

Ever again



Start To Care Now


The situation is critical

Time is of the essence

The answer is not political

Each day gone by lessens

Our very survival here

What we can do

Is up to you and me

We can save ourselves

If we want it to be

Where our grandchildren

Can laugh and play

Start to care now

Please don't turn away

It starts in you

It starts in me

Help restore our earth

So future generations can be



We Make


Each minute that passes

100 acres of tropical forest

Goes never to come back

Within just one hour

4000 children starve to death

While surplus crops go bad

Every day that goes by

There are 27 oil spills

In the United States alone

In one orbit around the sun

More than a trillion dollars

Of killing weapons we make



In Order To Exist


Its come so quick

Its hard to tell

In just a flick

We've emptied the well

Foresight is cheap

When it's too late

We're sinking in deep

Still wanting the bait

Computer malfunction

Warning overload

Drastic measures needed

In order to continue

We must all realize this is it

We must change

In order to exist



As If By Divine Plan


Take some time

And think about this

Listen real careful

Cause there's no time to miss

It's getting beyond reach

It's gotten out of hand

The power hungry preach

As if by divine plan

And you don't know

Or just let it go by

And you're always on the go

But always asking why

They drain your life

Squeeze every last drop

Tell you of freedom

When looking from the top



Groomed Puppets That Deceive


How clever the manipulation

In this land of the free

How money breeds dedication

In the name of liberty

With political promising lies

You know better than believe

They're all the same you realize

Groomed puppets that deceive

So you give up hope

Believing it will never change

Apathy is how you cope

Something you always found strange



Without Deception


The ladder of success

With cut out steps

Leads you nowhere

Without deception



Too Much Too Soon And Then


Well here we are again

Apathetic up till the end

Too much too soon and then

No recourse



Take Take Take


It's total chaos

It's complete madness

It can't go on

It'll never last

Take take take

Until no more

Is left to give



Test Subjects


We are the test subjects

We are the dying breed

We are the last checks

Here to balance the greed

An awaken you all

So we can plant a new seed

Knock down the wall

That strangles you like a weed

We are here to change

Extinction to perpetuation

Get rid of the strange

Leading us to devastation

It's all up to us

To want a new day

With us you can trust

We won't lead you astray

What's best for all

Is the way it will be

Knock down the wall

For unity is the key

And it won't be easy

Cause they're set in their way

Molded in the cast

Until their dying day

Which won't be long

So we have no time to waste

We've already been led along

So now we have to haste

And think for tomorrow

Forget about yesterday

It will only bring you sorrow

And happiness is the only way



Evolution's Choice Is Now


Sand slipping through

The hour glass

Evolution's choice is now

Humanity's last pass

Won't wait

Tomorrow's awareness

In vain too late

Today's judgment

Decides earth's fate



You've Given Up Hope


You've given up hope

You can't change the system

Mellowing out with age

You no longer try to resist them

You've lost your morals

They've changed your ways

But deep down it eats at you

They've trapped you in the maze

Torn between the dream you had

And the life you live

Still knowing your being had

But not wanting to give





In every way possible

We're destroying ourselves

Making tomorrow inhospitable

As long as today it sells



Extinct Is Forever


Man's the enemy

Technology the tool

Extinct is forever

Don't be a fool

And say it's all right

Or laugh it away

Stand up and fight

Our numbers will say

Something positive

That will catch like fire

An expose all the greedy

Cold hearted liars



To Shed Some Light


I try to write

About what I feel is wrong

To shed some light

About how we're led along

In this land of the free

We must be brave

For our future you see

A new road we must pave



Playing Fate With Dice


We are our own god

For good or bad

Our earth paradise

So don't be mad

In the years to come

We pay the price

Following blinded leaders

Playing fate with dice



A Merry Go Round


It's just the same old game

With the played out scenes

A merry go round with inbetweens

Lost in a fog in a sea of confusion

Looking for help through realities illusion

Got to break out and get away

Or the conditioning ties will stay

Trapping you till tomorrow's today

Becomes a bitter memory of yesterday



Government Sponsored


There's no way out

Unless you care

I can scream and shout

About what ain't fair

But you've got to change

From deep inside

Brought up fast and strange

Don't run and hide

From the troubled day

By taking drugs

To escape the pain

It's a cover up

To keep us down

Government sponsored

Every pound



Throw In The Towel


Toxic dumps

Radiation leaks

Cancer lumps

Mutated freaks

Toxic shock

Agent orange

Government mock

Goes on and on

Nuclear waste

Leukemia rate

Technology haste

Is our fate

Love canal


Throw in the towel

And wave good-bye

Oil spills

Nerve gas seeps

Man kills

No longer reaps

Arms race

Strip mining

Pollution pace

Elegant dining

Atomic tests

Silkwood dead

Militarily best

To beat the red

Drug sedaters

Alcohol waiters

Shut you up

Make you give up



Take Responsibility


Turn away

And it only gets worse

Stay in the gray

Until your in the hearse

Take responsibility

And it can only get better

We have the ability

It's just the choice of whether

We take responsibility

Or turn away



When Humanity Wept


How do you cope

With global suicide

How do you hope

When you turn and hide

What is there left

For you to believe in

When humanity wept

Drowned in their grieving



I Still Imagine


In first grade

My President was blown away

I wondered why

In fifth grade

Martin and Robert were filled with lead

I began to understand

In the summer before high school

Morrison was in French soil

But no one was there

I became scared

For John

The warmest 8th of December

In New York City history

I was driving my cab

When Vinny broke the news

From that day till now

At 29

Every time I pass 1 West 72nd street

I feel humanity

Has no hope

But I still imagine



A Paradise Yours Pure


There's always been war

You don't learn by mistakes

A paradise yours pure

And only one for the takes



For Tomorrow Today


We're at the time

When we can't look away

We need a solution

For tomorrow today



A Handful Of Companies


A handful of companies

Make the decisions

They bought the country

Electing their politicians

An army full of men

To protect and kill

The number one game

Leader of the hill



Not Knowing


It's the thought of not knowing

If we'll be here tomorrow

The constant peril always growing

As if each day we must borrow

This pressure of uncertainty

Is taking its toll on me

Humanity ignoring the emergency



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