The Top Ten Reasons Why

The Cassini Mission With Its 72.3 Pounds

Of Deadly Plutonium Must Be Postponed

10) Because there is a safe renewable alternative to generate the 745 watts of electricity. It's been used by NASA since the mid 1960's, solar power and long lived fuel cells can generate the modest 745 watts. Even out to where Cassini is going, Saturn, which is on average 794 million miles away from Earth and has only 1.08% of the solar insolation.

9) Because By NASA's own odds there is now a 1 in 345 gamble for Plutonium to be released on the Cassini Mission. NASA's original odds were 1 in 1500, then it was 1 in 900, then 1 in 500, now it's 1 in 345. Maybe tomorrow it will be 1 in 7.44?

8) Because 9 out of the 67, or 13.44%, of nuclear missions that have been tried by the US and the former USSR have ended in different degrees of catastrophic radiation fallout upon Earth. The last nuclear mission failure was November 17th, 1996 when the Russian Mars 96 spaceprobe with .44 of a pound of Plutonium vaporized over Chile.

7) Because NASA won't wait for the best 8% of the time when the Cassini Mission launch winds direction and speed are blowing away from humanity. The last 2 United States NASA nuclear launches (Galileo and Ulysses) the winds at liftoff blew back on humanity.

6) Because 1 out of the 20 Titan 4 Booster Rockets that will launch the Cassini mission exploded. Chemical rockets by nature are all quite volatile. On January 17th, 1997 a Delta 2 rocket exploded 13 seconds into its liftoff at the Cape spewing its highly noxious chemical fuel for up to 73 miles down the coast of  Florida.

5) Because By NASA's own odds state there is a 1 in 450 gamble for Plutonium to be released on Cassini from T+ 206 seconds, at 68.56 miles high, till T+ 689 seconds, the time Cassini leaves Earth's orbit. A failure during this time will lead to a fiery inadvertent reentry, and Cassini, with no heat shield, will release some, most, or all of the 72.3 pounds of Plutonium. This will cause the premature deaths of anywhere from tens of thousands to tens of millions of Homo Sapiens over just the next 50 years. Plutonium 239's 1/2 life is 24,110 years, it is lethal for about 240,000 years. 12.86% of the 72.3 pounds of Pu on Cassini is Pu 239, this = 9.3 pounds.

4) Because there are 2.3 million American citizens living within the six county region that surrounds Launch complex # 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida. There are radiation fallout shelters for all the people who work at the Cape Canaveral Air Station but not for any these 2.3 million American citizens.

3) Because the Cassini mission is a stepping stone in the United States's plans for the nuclearization, weaponization and domination of space. At least 21 billion dollars within the next 5 years will be spent on this, the military's new ultimate high ground.

2) Because inhalation of less then 27 millionths of a gram of Plutonium will give you lung cancer and also causes long term genetic damage to the web of all life. The 72.3 pounds of Pu on board the Cassini Mission if evenly distributed is enough for at least 1.2 billion lethal doses for Homo Sapiens.

1) Because if Cassini's deadly radiation doesn't get us, there are now 9 more United States NASA nuclear space missions scheduled over the next 6 years. Two of them with more Plutonium then Cassini. Feel Lucky?


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