has moved to a new url. The original article criticizing NASA for its whitewash of the Pathfinder images led to enough public pressure on them to change their Mars exploration plan to include early re-imaging of the Cydonia region. We are still not confident that NASA will release the original, unaltered images. We believe NASA will only show the public what they consider "permissible" and advice caution when evaluating any photographs that are "officially" released. Image quality may be inferior in order to hide paradigm changing "details."

The Pathfinder landed in a debris field about a mile from a feature named "Twin Peaks." It is our opinion that the feature is not a hill as NASA claims but actually "pyramids." The Pathfinder was positioned here to examine this ancient flood plain for evidence of artificial objects that may have been carried away in a past cataclysm. The original article that this link refers to can be found on UFOSEEK News and Research Index. Click "Pathfinder" on the menu bar to access the original article. See you there!